You are enough! by Tameeka Leon

You are enough!

You are enough!

As you are, you are enough!

In the world today we are in a constant state of comparison. We compare ourselves to others and others to others. We look at the public face and life of someone and think that they have it all together, they are always happy, they never have bad days and if they do have a bad day, it's over in a matter of minutes or hours. STOP!!!! 


If you are looking for a place where you can be your beautiful unique self and learn to stand and grow in your power, this is the place for you.

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    You are enough!

    You are enough. As you are, you are enough!

    No one has a perfect life. No one is happy all the time. No one is without flaws. The ones who are happy have simply chosen to embrace their flaws. To embrace your flaws is to accept yourself unconditionally, to acknowledge that you have room for improvement. That acknowledgement is difficult for those who have been told that they must be perfect at all times. But that acknowledgement is freedom. Each and everyone of us is flawed and in our flaws we are amazing. In our flaws we have found strength to overcome our difficulties. We have identified new business ideas and models to help others overcome their difficulties. We have built strong communities to encourage, motivate and inspire others who are fighting their battles. 

    Your flaws are yours, take ownership of them. They are part of the magnificence that is you. Without them you would be a boring shell of a person, an alien in human form. Without them, you would not be you.

    Be you.

    You are amazing.

    You are enough!

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