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Hi!  My name is Tameeka...

I'm a Confidence & Goal Success Coach for High-achieving Women

Welcome to the Goal Success Coach! I'm Tameeka, a passionate advocate for redefining success on your terms. My journey took a pivotal turn at 35, facing insecurities about body changes and a challenging new career role. Through self-reflection and mindful practices, I discovered my true desires, sparking the birth of this empowering venture.

My unique philosophy blends a 'hit it hard, knock it out of the park' goal approach with honoring feminine energy and a touch of the Law of Attraction. As someone still navigating a full-time corporate job while running my business, I intimately understand the challenges you face.

In my journey, I've personally grappled with insecurities, setbacks, and the pressure to conform to societal norms. That's why my approach is more than just business strategies; it's a journey of self-discovery. As someone navigating a full-time corporate role alongside this venture, I intimately understand the challenges you're facing. My services, from the VIP Voxer Day to the Get It Done Club, are crafted not just from professional expertise but from the heart, born out of a genuine desire to see you succeed.

Rooted in self-awareness, self-care, and mindfulness, my services and products aim to guide you to your definition of success. Let's embark on this journey together – are you ready to own your path and create a life that truly fulfills you?

What clients say

“In just a few sessions with Tameeka, I’ve doubled my confidence and now am stepping out of my comfort zone. Her kind, patient personality and resourcefulness has made me dig deep into who I should be as a business owner and reset my mindset. She has helped me find the tools I need to grow. So thankful to have Tameeka supporting my journey!”

April Holzapfel, OBM + Digital Marketer, Grace by April LLC

Tameeka is outstanding! She has helped me to evaluate and develop a plan to scale my business. We collaborate on setting specific goals and keep me focused on achieving them. When I feel stuck, she always walks me through a simple process and provides sound advice to help me get back on track. Tameeka is kind, generous, and a true gem. I highly recommend her services!

Yaritza Maldonado, Founder & Certified Luxury Travel Advisor, Luxe Chic Travel