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The Goal Success Coach

Guiding millennial women like you through the hustle, my focus is empowering you to redefine success on your terms, taking a hit-it-hard yet mindful approach. 

Ready to create your unique path to success and overcome burnout?

Hi! My name is Tameeka

I am a Goal Success Coach for High Achieving Women

Hey there, fellow high achiever! I'm Tameeka, the Goal Success Coach. I've walked the path of burnout, imposter syndrome, and the struggle for self-confidence. Turning 35 triggered a shift in my perspective, leading me to break free from society's success norms. Now, I'm on a mission to empower high-achieving women like you to define success on your terms, find strength in your power, and build a life that brings you joy. Let's transform burnout into balance together. Are you ready to reclaim your power?

Here's How I can Help You

VIP Voxer Day

Experience a transformative 13-hour VIP Voxer Day designed for ultimate flexibility. We kick off with a personalized 60-minute video call to address your challenges, create a priority list, and craft an action plan. Then, enjoy continuous support via Voxer the following day, from 8 am to 8 pm EST. This immersive experience empowers you to check off items on your action plan at your own pace, ensuring a day filled with flexibility and tailored support.

Get It Done Club

Join the Get It Done Club, a $7/month membership providing accountability and support. Gain access to a community of like-minded individuals committed to achieving their goals. Enjoy exclusive resources, challenges, and regular check-ins to stay motivated and on track. Elevate your journey by surrounding yourself with a supportive community dedicated to success on your terms.

Cycle- Based Time Management

Unleash the power of time management designed for women. In the Optimize Your Time course, learn the art of cycle-based planning, aligning your goals with your natural rhythms. Discover how to optimize productivity and well-being by embracing the ebb and flow of your energy throughout the month. This course equips you with practical tools to enhance efficiency while honoring your feminine energy.