What I Learned About Confidence From the Addams Family by Tameeka Leon

What I Learned About Confidence From the Addams Family

I have loved the Addams Family since I was in elementary school. I remember wanting to be Morticia for Halloween, but the closest costumes I could find were Elvira (which was mostly an adult costume) or a witch.

 The Addams Family is famous for being creepy and kooky ( I bet the rest of the song is playing in your head now, right?), but they’re also great role models for building self-confidence. Look to Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and the rest of the clan for inspiration to believe in and celebrate yourself.

 Confidence Lessons from Gomez and Morticia 

  1. Play with trains. Gomez understood that playtime is important for both children and adults. It’s cool to hold onto your train set or work on your yo-yo tricks even when you’re grown up. So, do the things that make you happy. Play video games, color (one of my favorites), build model cars and trains. Whatever it is, schedule time to do it.

  2. Pursue your own interests. Both Gomez and Morticia used their free time to become more accomplished. In relationships, couples make the mistake of believing that you have to do everything together. That is not true. You are a unique individual with your own interests. Embrace them on your own. And if you want to raise carnivorous plants like Mortician, then go for it. Just be careful.

  3. Study languages. Morticia was best known for speaking French, but the happy couple could express themselves in many languages. Sometimes they’d converse in Yiddish, Spanish, or Italian. Expand your vocabulary so you’ll have the right word for any occasion. I love this and I love languages. A beautiful way to learn about other cultures as well.
  4. Keep romance alive. The chemistry between Gomez and Morticia was a big part of the appeal. A loving family provides a strong foundation for happiness and success. Nothing more to say about this 💖

Confidence Lessons from the Other Characters 

  1. Bond with your siblings. Wednesday and Pugsley could always count on each other. They kept each other safe even when they were playing with dynamite and spiders. While my brothers and I never played with dynamite and spiders, I love them dearly and would anything in my power to help them.

  2. Feel comfortable with your size. People sometimes worry about being smaller or bigger than average. Lurch, the butler, was part of the family despite being almost seven feet tall. He also excelled at his job by instantly producing whatever the family needed. An excellent reminder for those of us struggling to remember that size isn’t everything.

  3. Enjoy your life. Cousin It was covered with hair and had a squeaky voice, but that didn’t stop him from being a charmer. Real beauty comes from within. And remember, even Cousin It found love, several times.

  4. Recognize that you are complete. For a creature who was a disembodied hand, Thing led a remarkably full life. He could walk on his fingers or communicate in Morse code. Remember that when you feel limited. No more excuses allowed.

  5. Stay young at heart. Grandmama and Uncle Fester were two feisty seniors. You may want to take a pass on wresting alligators, but you can still enjoy outdoor sports and time with your friends. They were always so much fun to watch. I love the pure joy they shared in their lives.

  6. Light up a room. Speaking of Uncle Fester, who could forget his light bulb trick? Generate your own energy by tackling challenging projects and teaming up with others.

Confidence Lessons from the Whole Family 

  1. Follow your own fashion sense. Develop your personal style. Wear clothes and accessories that you like. Don’t focus on what everyone else is wearing, just wear what you want and be happy with your uniqueness. I love patterns and accessories. Not everyone around me likes the patterns I choose but the beauty of it is that I rarely see others wearing the exact same thing.
  2. Make your house a home. Create an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. Consult others for ideas but adapt them to your own lifestyle and preferences. Remember, you live there. Make your home your sanctuary.
  3. Welcome guests. People were always dropping in on the Addams Family and often trying to rush away just as quickly. At the same time, the family always managed to remain hospitable. Treat your guests warmly even if they’re beatniks or truant officers. If you feel sure of yourself, you can be tolerant of any opposition and open to different points of view. However, NEVER let others disrespect you, especially in your own home.

  4. Know your own worth. Today, the Addams Family is more beloved than ever as an example of a healthy and happy family. Assess whether the criticism you receive is valid. If you sincerely believe you’re on the right course, you may still be headed for success. Only you can decide what success looks like to you.

Take Addams Family values to heart. Have the confidence to be true to yourself even if you have the only house on the block with a bed of nails and a two-headed sea turtle. You’ll get more out of life and your increased confidence will lead the way to success.

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