Saturday Morning Coffee: Getting lost in another book by Tameeka Leon

Saturday Morning Coffee: Getting lost in another book

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What books are you currently reading, or listening to? Are you reading books of fiction or non-fiction? Are you reading books for pleasure, to learn, or both?

Saturday Morning Coffee: Getting lost in the world of another book

There are millions of authors, with millions of books. Each book has the potential to take you off into a faraway land. A fictional book can take you into the land of the fictional character. While a historical text can take you back in time to see life in that time period. And further still, a self-help book can help you see your future self having absorbed the knowledge and living a happier life. 

That is the beauty of a book. Words put together, to provide a solution for the readers. The solution can be a getaway or a lesson, but every book still serves a purpose.

I am a huge fan of Nalini Singh- Psy-Changeling Series. Like I am so much of a fan that I have read and re-read the majority of the collection several times. By the time I found the series, I think she was working on book 11. I binge read the first 10 books in a few weeks. And then when the next book in the series came out, I read the entire collection again before opening the new one. I followed that pattern until book 13, then I just picked my favorites to re-read, again. There was one book that I couldn't stop re-reading, Silver Silence. As soon as I reached the end, I would start over. I read the book 4 times back to back. I have also read all of the novellas, behind the scenes, and short stories.  Needless to say, I am truly in love with this series. I am always instantly transferred to the world of her characters. There so many that I resonate with on so many levels. I've already decided which of the Psy I resonate with and which of the Changeling packs I resonate with the most. I love the characters. I especially love that the women are not the damsel in distress type of characters. Everyone has their demons but they stand up, find their strength, and fight.

My husband already knows that when a new book comes out, finishing that book becomes my life's focus. The newest book, Wolf Rain, was released last week but I put off starting it until last night. According to my kindle, I am now 60% through the book already, with a high probability that I will finish the book today. I'm sure my book lovers understand the sadness that comes with knowing that the book will end soon. 

The Psy-Changeling Series is a paranormal romance series, which is so odd because I've never been into paranormal romance before this. I have tried to find other authors in the genre but I haven't found anyone that I love as much.

If you are into paranormal romance, I highly encourage you to check out the Nalini Singh- Psy-Changeling Series. For more information about the series, you can check out her site, You can order the ebooks, physical books, or listen to the audiobooks. I actually started with the audiobooks and then switched to the ebooks.

If you are already a Nalini Singh fan, let me know in the comments which of her books are your favorites. And if you have any other authors I should check out, let me know.


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