2018 Year in Review by Tameeka Leon

2018 Year in Review

2018 Year in Review

2018 has come and gone. In the blink of an eye 12 months have passed us by. How was the year for you? How much of it do you actually remember? Was it as much a blur for you as it was for me?

 In looking back at the year, I have some high points and some low points. Like you, I have moments where I felt really proud and some that I wish I didn’t have to experience. But it is through each experience that we grow. Looking online there are so many reflection questions and journals available to help you reflect on the previous year. They range from one or two questions to pages of questions that will have you writing in your journal for hours. Some are really simple questions and some will force you to try to remember each and every week, every mistake, and every success. As much as I would love to remember that much of my year, I just can’t. Too much happens, there are too many changes and too many unexpected events happen for me to remember every single thing.

 Last year, I started following Marie Forleo (I love her blog). Marie sent out a year in review that is short but purposeful. She asks you to reflect on 3 things:

  • 1 thing you did that you are proud of
  • 1 mistake you made and the lesson you learned from it
  • 1 limiting story that you tell yourself that you are ready to let go of

 Three simple questions that make you really think about your year. Going just deep enough to be proud, to reflect, and to motivate yourself to move forward.

 Admittedly, I didn’t do the review at the end of last year. I did it this past weekend and, after much thought, decided to share it with you. So here is my 2018 year in review:

 1 thing I did that I am proud of

    • I launched Coffee.Yoga.Life.
  • 1 mistake I made and the lesson I learned from it
    • Deciding that work was more important than maintaining my morning routine of juicing and going to the gym. I am a morning person so I thought getting into work earlier would enable me to get out of the office on time and give me more time in the evenings with hubby. While this was the case sometimes, there were plenty of times I just ended up working 12 hours and still getting home exhausted. In 2019, I will prioritize my personal time and practice better time management at work.
  • 1 limiting story that you tell yourself that you are ready to let go of
    • For years I have felt the need to do more and be more. To prove my worth, to prove that I am good enough. Coffee.Yoga.Life. is my way of letting that go. The thought of perfection is exhausting and I’m done with it. Wanting to be perfect, and counting all the ways that you are not, is a horrible way to live. Trust me, I’ve been doing it for far too long. I am moving on from that limiting mindset.

 Ok, that was surprisingly refreshing. I was apprehensive about sharing something that feels so personal but it feels good to share. Like I’ve truly released it into the universe and am now ready to move forward full speed ahead. I feel free.

I’d love for you to experience that same feeling and share your answers in the comments. Here’s a link to Marie’s video explaining her year in review: https://bit.ly/2TyMio0

 If you don’t feel comfortable sharing in the comments, you can always send them to me in an email, tameeka@coffeeyogalife.com.  Or just write your answers in your journal and keep them to yourself. This is for you to reflect and grow. Sharing is just a bonus.

 Happy reflections!

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