Mid-Year Check-in: How are you doing with your goals? by Tameeka Leon

Mid-Year Check-in: How are you doing with your goals?

Earlier this year we talked about goal setting and doing activities that make you happy. If you are one of the very few who have continued working on the goals that you set at the beginning of the year, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is extremely difficult to do and I wholeheartedly applaud you for maintaining your willpower and determination. If you are like most, no worries, all is not lost. It’s never too late to pick up the ball and pick up where you left off. And if you didn’t set your annual goal now is a great time to start. As I said before I do not believe that you can only set goals at the beginning of the year as most do with their New Year’s Resolutions. Wherever you are, you can get started right now.

Mid-year check-in: How are you doing with your goals?

Take a look at what you wrote down. How close are you? How many things have you done this year that you truly enjoyed? Let’s take a closer look at where you are and plan out the rest of your year.

Looking at your goal sheet, what do you want to accomplish by the end of this year? What steps have you taken so far? Let’s break this down into bite-size pieces.

To get to your end goal in December, what actions do you need to accomplish each month? These are your 6 milestones. Now let’s look at the first milestone.

What can you accomplish this month?

To meet your goal for this month, what can you accomplish this week?  

And finally, what can you do you today to get you closer to your weekly goal?

Ask yourself these questions every morning/week/month and you’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish by the end of the year.

If you are new to Coffee.Yoga.Life. and haven’t read my other blog posts are goal setting, here are a couple links to get you started:




Let me know in the comments how you are doing on your goals, what you find difficult, and what you have learned about yourself in the process.

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