It’s official! I LOVE Vivian Lou! by Tameeka Leon

It’s official! I LOVE Vivian Lou!

Today we're not diving into anything too deep, I want to share one of my new loves with all of you.

I’ve been waiting over a year to take the plunge and order the insoles. Why did I wait so long to order insoles? Well, when you see insoles in Target for $10, you don’t always see the reason for an insole to cost much more than that. Especially if you know you need more than 1 or 2 pairs. This year I got my bonus and decided to splurge on me a little. I thoroughly planned for this. I went back to the website (I signed up for emails from them so I wouldn’t forget the name, lol) and I read over everything. I had them on my bonus wish list. Then I happened to hear the founder on a podcast that I was listening to one morning, the week that I was set to get my bonus. I took that as a sign that it was officially time. In my research, I looked at the price and decided to go all in and order the 5 pack. I mean, it was a great deal compared to the regular price of one pair. And I figured that I was allowed to splurge on myself, after all, I worked damn hard to get that bonus. To put the cherry on top, I added expedited shipping 😊

The day comes and I receive the insoles in the mail.

Vivian Lou Insoles in plastic

I was so excited that as I soon as I get home, I opened the package and then tried to decide which shoes were worthy of these insoles. I finally picked a pair of shoes and tried to walk around without securing the insoles in the shoes. THAT DOES NOT WORK! I decided that the shoes were worth it and I pulled off the plastic and secured the insole inside the shoe.

Peep toes with insoles

It took about 2 days to finally wear the shoes because it rained and the shoes are peep toe (and I HATE getting water inside my shoes). All day at work I walked around in these shoes, trying to tell if they made a difference. I could tell something was different, there was less pressure on the ball of my foot, but not enough to warrant another purchase, especially since I had just ordered 5. So, I decided to try another pair of shoes.

Strappy black shoes with Vivian Lou Insoles

This time I grabbed a pair that I wore less than a month ago and had come to the conclusion that I would have to give them away. I wore them to a gala and my feet kept slipping (I don’t remember them doing that the first time I wore them, the year before to the same gala) and they were so uncomfortable. This time I followed the instructions for finding the correct placement of the insole and wore them to work. OMG!!! What a difference!!! My foot did not slip, not even once, and there was no pressure on the ball of my foot. I was getting up to walk around the office just to see how long it would last. I made it to lunch time, but it was not due to anything with the insole. I hit my toe on my bed about a week ago and I am still dealing with the pain. The shoes were strappy and they were starting to dig into my sore toe. If it wasn’t for that, I truly believe I could have worn those shoes all day.

These insoles are amazing. I am so happy that I took the plunge. They are so worth the cost. Now for my shoes that aren’t Clarks or Life Stride, I have Vivian Lou!

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