How do you like your coffee? by Tameeka Leon

How do you like your coffee?

How do you like to drink your coffee? Is coffee an absolute must for you to get your day started? Are you one of those who likes a strong black coffee? Are you one of someone who adds a ton of milk and sugar to your coffee before it is drinkable? Or are you somewhere in between? Does the time of day matter? Or who you are drinking the coffee with?

What determines how you will make, or order, the perfect cup?

How do you like your coffee?

For me, coffee is a comforting drink. It reminds me of sitting in my Grandma's kitchen while she cooked breakfast. I can see the cast iron skillet on the stove and hear the sizzle of bacon. I see the eggs sitting on the table, ready to be scrambled. And I can feel the handle of my coffee mug in my hand, my coffee expertly mixed with milk and sugar. On stressful days, this is my go-to drink. A cup of beautifully sweetened and 'creamed' coffee (or a latte) and my coloring book. Mornings are a bit different. Most mornings, my coffee is black with maple syrup as my sweetener. I know it sounds weird, but we cut out refined sugar a few years ago and now I prefer my coffee with maple. I do still drink it with sugar when I'm out, but at home, maple is the winner. Then again some days, a bullet-proof coffee is all I need to really get the day started.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments. What are the different ways you like to drink your coffee? What have you tried and which is your favorite?

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