For you to be happy, be happy to be you by Tameeka Leon

For you to be happy, be happy to be you

For years I fell into the comparison trap. You know the cycle, when you compare yourself to the perceived perfection and happiness of everyone else. I was constantly wishing I was better looking, smarter, had a different body shape, had a different hair texture, was more outgoing. For so many years, I wished I could recreate myself and cherry pick the features and traits I thought I should have. 

Now I am at a point where I still have things that I'd like to change, but I am happy with who I have become. I embrace the things that make me unique, as well as the similarities I share with others.

I believe each of us has greatness within. Once you stop and think about the things you have accomplished, you will begin to see what I mean. There is no one else exactly like you in this world. There never has been and there never will be another. You are the only you. That is something to take stop and really think about. You are the only you. Don't expect others to be like you and don't compare yourself to others.

There are things that you do extremely well. What are the things that your friends and family request of you? What do you do that they absolutely love? What do you do you that you absolutely love? That is your strength, that should be your focus. I believe our society focuses too much on weaknesses and not enough on building strengths. Face it, no one is great at everything. It is impossible. Figure out where your strengths lie and focus on ways to build on those strengths.

Your unique life experiences combined with your talents are what set you apart from everyone else. It is impossible for anyone to have the exact same everything as anyone else. What you have to offer cannot be offered by anyone else, in the same way, at any time. The special combination of your specific life experiences will help you overcome obstacles in your future. Each of us has a journey to complete. Whatever your journey entails, you will have happy times and hard times. Focus on the happy times and remember the lessons from the hard times along the way.

We are all trying to find happiness. In your pursuit to find happiness, remember that it cannot be found in any store or on any website. It cannot come from anyone else. Your happiness is your responsibility, you are the only one who can create it, and the only one who can take it away. That is your power, to create your happiness.

Your challenges, your differences, and your journey contribute to your growth. Enjoy them. They help shape you into you.

Embrace the challenges. Embrace the differences. Embrace your journey. Embrace your growth. Embrace you!

Be happy to be you!



Featured Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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