Books to Read in 2019 by Tameeka Leon

Books to Read in 2019

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love books. Each book opens up a whole new world for you to explore.  With a commute that is close to 3 hours each day,  I have turned to audiobooks. It will never replace the feeling of holding the book in your hands, but it is an excellent way to "read" more books during time that would normally be unproductive.
You know some of the books that have helped shape my current life perspective. Now here are the books that I plan to read in 2019 to continue on my journey of growth.

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Have you read any of the above books? What are your thoughts? What are some of your favorites? I would love for you to send me a list of your favorite self help books, so I can add them to my "Books to Read" list. Just hit the reply button.

If you know anyone else who loves self-help books and would like to join our community, please be sure to share this list.

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