Welcome to our tribe!

Welcome to our tribe!

Thanks so much for joining our tribe! I truly appreciate you letting us in! I am Tameeka, and the owner of Coffee.Yoga.Life.

Tameeka Leon- Owner Coffee.Yoga.Life.

You are now subscribed to receive motivational emails and our latest updates. As you will learn I believe that each of us has greatness within and my goal is to help you find your greatness and bring it out. All of us have dreams that we want to achieve. Taking the time to really understand why you want your specific dreams and making a plan to achieve them is what I live for. 

Are you ready to achieve more of what makes you happy in your life? What are your dreams? Do you already have a plan? Or do you need help to create your plan? I'm here for all of it! 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you throughout your journey. You can always reach out to me at tameeka@coffeeyogalife.com. I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!

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You are so awesome and I can't wait to see everything that you achieve!!!!