About Us

About Us

 So why Coffee.Yoga.Life.?

 Coffee = Comfort, Uniqueness, Individuality

The individuality of coffee

I find comfort in a nice hot cup of coffee. First thing in the morning or after dinner with dessert. Or while having a conversation with friends or reading a book. Or any other time of day for any reason whatsoever. A cup of coffee helps me settle into myself. It says I’m here and I’m focused.

The beauty of coffee is in its numerous preparations. You can drink it black, with just sugar, or with sugar and milk. You can have it as an espresso or americano, hot or iced, or with coconut oil as a bulletproof coffee. You can have your coffee however you want. The coffee is a representation of your individuality.

Yoga = Strength, Inner Peace

Yoga= inner peace, strength

To me, yoga represents quiet strength and finding inner peace. Yoga forces you to slow down, to feel what is happening within your body and your mind. You must work through the discomfort until it is no longer uncomfortable. It is excellent for your body all well as your mind. The struggle to flow into the asanas represents the struggle to find yourself and your peace.

Life = Experience, Self-development

You are unique

Life is made up of your experiences, your struggles, and your desire to be better. There is no one else like you in this world. Your unique combination of experiences has shaped you into who you are. Now it is time to take that and develop it into something more. How are you going to share it with the world? Will you be a mentor to others who are facing similar struggles? Will you teach kids how to determine the skills they need to achieve their dreams? Will you be a public speaker in the hopes of inspiring others? You have so many options to choose from. What will you choose and how will you get there?

Coffee.Yoga.Life. is for those who are ready for more and are willing to do the work. Coffee.Yoga.Life. is for those who are ready to find their peace and share their greatness. If this is you, subscribe below, grab your cup of coffee, and dive in.

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