11 Steps To Quiet The Need For Perfection And Achieve Your Goals Now by Tameeka Leon

11 Steps To Quiet The Need For Perfection And Achieve Your Goals Now

How many times have you found yourself stuck in an endless scroll on social media? Only to realize, 30-45 minutes later, that you haven't actually done any of the work you know you need to do?

Yep, me too. More times than I care to openly admit 😂

But sometimes, while in the infinite scroll, you come across gems. Those messages that slap you in the face and scream "WAKE UP".

And that is what happened to me when I came across a post from my coach, Sheedia Jansen. 

"Waiting attracts more waiting!"


No pictures. No video. That's all it said. But that's all it needed to say.                

This was a scroll stopping message for me!

Not sure why, but it’s like she knew I needed this message.

And you can trust and believe, I received the message.

You see, I love planning. I love creating new plans, and then digging in to define the details of those plans. But sometimes I get so caught up in the planning, that I wait to take action.

I wait until I have everything figured out. Until the process is defined perfectly so that I know what to do at each step. So that I feel like I have all my bases covered.


That’s the perfectionist in me fighting for space, trying to speak up, wanting to protect me from failure.

I get it. I understand that it is simply my ego wanting to keep me safe.

And I appreciate the gesture. I really do.

But now it’s time for me, not my ego, to step up and take charge.

The idea is not to fight your perfectionism, that is a losing battle. The goal is to recognize when that sneaky bitch has taken over, and quickly regroup and refocus.

That is where owning your personal power comes in.

It is at that point, the point at which you recognize your self-sabotaging actions (yes, perfectionism is a form of self-sabotage), that you need to make a decision.

Will you continue sabotaging yourself and your success by waiting for perfection?


Will you change your actions so that they support you and your success?

Sit with that for a minute.

Feel that.

Let that sink in.

Then grab your journal, your coffee or tea (or whatever helps you think), and let’s get started:

First, write your goal at the top of the page.

Then do a brain dump of your to-do list. What actions are you taking to achieve your goals?

Next, for each action, identify how that action is actively leading you to your goal. Be honest with yourself. Don't write some shit down because so-and-so said you need to do it even though doing it causes you to feel more stressed than accomplished. If it's not helping, you are allowed to say that.

Once you have identified how each action is getting you to your goal (or not), identify which actions absolutely must be done RIGHT NOW to achieve your goal? Focus on the absolute bare minimum here, e.g. functionality over aesthetics (make sure it works before you try to make it look pretty). Put a “1” next to these items.

Next, identify which actions are a nice to have but won’t prevent you from achieving your goal if they are not done? Put a “2” next to these items.

                Chances are that you have way more on your to-do list than what is actually necessary right now. The goal is done, not perfect!

Now, create your new to-do list with ONLY the #1s, the actions that will get you closer to your goal.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to ignore the other actions.

Next, create a “to-do later” list, your #2s. These are the actions that you can do when you have some free time and want to make improvements. For each of these actions, make note of how they will improve the end result of your goal.

Review your list of #2s, you will likely notice that you have some actions that are not necessary to achieve your goal and also will not improve the end result of your goal. These are your busy work actions, and can be crossed off your list.

If that makes you nervous, keep them at the bottom of your list. I am about progress, not panic.

Now, you should have two lists. One list of the actions that need your attention now and one list of actions that you can do later when you have the time and energy to focus on them.

Next, identify which actions (on both lists) can be delegated or outsourced.

Start delegating. Don’t question it! If it can be delegated or outsourced, do so immediately. Do it before you have a chance to second guess yourself.

Now, block time in your calendar to start working on your #1 actions.

I know this may sound like a lot of work, but it’s really not. And it shouldn’t take you that long. Depending on the size of your list, I say block about an hour to go through this process. The hardest part will be convincing your overprotective ego that you don’t need to do everything by yourself and it doesn’t all need to be done right now. (I promise you, it really doesn’t)

Following these steps helps to remove the stress and overwhelm associated with your goals. By removing the overwhelm, you can think more clearly and take more decisive action, which can lead to you achieving your goals faster and finding joy along the way.

Now if you’d rather feel stressed and overwhelmed, don’t let me stop you. Remember, this is your journey. You control how it flows.

But, I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy their journey to success?

If all of this sounds like something you want but the thought of doing it feels overwhelming to you or you’d like some 1:1 support, I invite you to book a VIP Day with me.

My VIP Days are a bit unique in that, we start with a 60-minute video call, to walk through the process I describe above. Then, the following day you have access to me for 12 hours via Voxer. Your Voxer day is when we create your action plan and you take your first actions. Doing it this way gives you the night to absorb everything that we talk about, so that you can bring your questions to our Voxer session. The goal is to end your VIP Day with your unique action plan.

The choice is yours but do not wait to take action.

Don’t say “I’ll come back to it” or “I’ll do it after I finish my list”. You likely won’t come back to it anytime soon (I’ve done this more times than I can count), and your list is never done. Either take an hour to do it now, block time in your calendar to do it within the next 24 hours, or book a session with me for the extra support and accountability. You are worth the time it takes to get it done.

If you want my support and are ready for that 1:1 attention, you can book here

Are you going to continue waiting for perfection?


Are you going to take action now?

No matter your decision, know that you have someone who believes in you and your ability to achieve your goals.

You got this!


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