MTN Presentation Page- Mary James

Give SEO A Chance! Simple SEO for Organic Growth

Mary James

Learn the basics of setting up your SEO, with ease and without the overwhelm.


  1.  Download Keywords Everywhere and pay for credits
  2. Write down the product of service you want to focus on selling for the next 3 months
  3. Think about your audience and write down the sorts of things they may be searching for when problem aware, solution aware, and product aware. These are your tester keywords.
  4. Test these terms out through Keywords Everywhere. Look for keywords with low to mid competition with on-page SEO. Click through to check related keywords and long tail keywords. I end up with a lot of tabs open when I do this. These keywords don’t need to be searched for thousands and thousands of times – be selective and specific.
  5. Keep a list of the most promising keywords and use them in your headers and sprinkled in your text. Save some for a blog, if the keyword research has triggered some blog ideas.

The Guiding Star SEO Strategy Planner

A 64-page planner with bonus affirmation cards designed to help coaches (but not only coaches!) plan out their SEO learning and strategy – allowing you to win over dream clients and help more people without feeling like you're glued to your phone.

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