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$2000+ worth of resources, live sessions, courses, and toolkits to help you take action to start seeing results in your business!

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Apr 9th - Apr 11th is going to be jam packed with practical and actionable trainings to help you focus on actions that will actually move the needle in your business.

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Upgrade your ticket for exclusive access to Day One access to ALL the summit presentations and a private podcast feed so you can listen on the go and over $2000 worth of resources to help you build and grow your business.

Not to mention ongoing access to the summit presentations so you can revisit them whenever you need to and implement the strategies on your time!

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Extended Access Pass

  • Early access to all presentations on Apr 9th - no waiting for you!
  • Ongoing access to all 15+ presentations to revisit whenever you want. ($667 Value)
  • Private podcast feed to listen to presentations on the go. ($97 Value)
  • Transcripts of all presentations to help you with notes and searching for info you want to revisit. ($47 Value)

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VIP All-Access pass

  • Early access to all presentations on Apr 9th - no waiting for you!
  • Ongoing access to all 15+ presentations to revisit whenever you want. ($667 Value)
  • Private podcast feed to listen to presentations on the go. ($97 Value)
  • Transcripts of all presentations to help you with notes and searching for info you want to revisit. ($47 Value)
  • Co-Working Sessions during the summit to help you start taking action on what you learn. ($249 Value)
  • $1000+ in premium bonus content from our speakers including courses, templates, and more (details below)!
  • Implementation Week after the summit to keep your momentum going and continue implementing what you learned during the summit ($397 Value)

Get The VIP All-Access Pass For Just $197

(*Or get started with just $66 today)



Only available in the VIP All-Access Pass

Goal Success Workshop

Tameeka Leon

A powerful resource that provides step-by-step guidance to help you overcome obstacles and make consistent progress towards your goals. The Goal Success Workshop Replay includes: A comprehensive Goal-Setting Workshop that will help you clarify your objectives and set yourself up for success, a Vision Board Workshop that inspires and motivates you to stay focused on your goals, practical strategies to overcome overwhelm, manage your time effectively, and find balance in your life, and a proven and repeatable process to achieve your goals consistently.

Regular Price: $37

Implementation Week

Tameeka Leon

To make your dream come true, you need to take action. That's what this week is for! We will have 7 days of accountability with daily check-ins and even a few days of co-working time. Perfect opportunity to take action on what you learned from our amazing speakers. 

Regular Price: $397

Digital Brain PowerPack

Andréa Jones

Take the guesswork out of content creation for good! Your past content has stories, insights, and value that deserves another day in the spotlight. The Digital Brain PowerPack guides you in the tools and methods I use for my done-for-you clients to resurface your content treasures, allowing you to tell richer, deeper stories without the constant pressure of starting from scratch. Your Digital Brain will help you rejuvenate, repackage, and reignite your existing content, making every “new” post, video, sales page, email, and every other piece of content you can think of feel fresh out of the oven.

Regular Price: $17

Craft Your Compelling Brand Story Workbook

Jenn Cerna

If you were like me, you’ve been told that you need to include storytelling in your business, but no one ever really told you how. Well, I got tired of not knowing, so I went out and studied the strategies and techniques that Hollywood uses to create their ultra-successful movies & books. Now, after understanding how to craft compelling stories, I created this workbook to help you understand and harness the power of storytelling through prompts and supporting audio to resonate with your audience and reach your goals through your brand and marketing.

Regular Price: $47

Know your audience in 15 minutes with CHATGPT

Drashti Shah

A masterclass on how to use CHATGPT to understand your audeince's pain points, desires, needs, objections, motivators and more. Basically get into the mind of your customer to you know exactly how to speak to them in your content and copy.

Regular Price: $11

A Guide to Staying Out of the SPAM Folder

Ilene Klang

This course includes a live webinar about the Google email changes, how they will affect you, and what you need to know to get your email seen. It also includes tutorials and worksheets to help you meet the new requirements and create an active engaged email list.

Regular Price: $47

My Go-To Toolbox

Adrienne Farrow

Get 20 actionable steps to organize your Google Workspace! Includes a 30 day roadmap if you need a plan and extra accountability to help you get organized. This is normally only a part of my membership, the My Go-To Membership. 

Regular Price: $97

ONE POST MARKETING SYSTEM | write and promote ONE POST that can bring you 10+ leads & 10$ - 100$ every day

Maryia Ramanava

A mini course on how to write and promote ONE POST that can bring you 10+ leads & 10$ - 100$ every day with my simple but powerful marketing system

Regular Price: $197

The Pre-Launch POWER Primer

Ash Chow

Get ready to turn your pre-launch phase into a powerhouse of connection and profit! In this bite-sized course, you'll discover:

How to identify the pivotal topics for your pre-launch 

How to determine the ideal length of your pre-launch runway

How to apply the POWER framework to your own offers

Regular Price: $199

Breathwork Portal

Sheedia Jansen

On-Demand Breathwork Classes to Get Still and Connect Within. Take different themed breathwork classes at your own time in your own space.

Regular Price: $66

The Guiding Star SEO Strategy Planner

Mary James

A 64-page planner with bonus affirmation cards designed to help coaches (but not only coaches!) plan out their SEO learning and strategy – allowing you to win over dream clients and help more people without feeling like you're glued to your phone.

Regular Price: $27

The Content Habit App - 1 Month Free

Hailey Dale

The Content Habit App is a daily content journal that provides daily prompts to guide you in creating content you can then use directly in your business. It tracks your consistency, your progress through the daily writing prompts and has timers to motivate you to stay focused and finish your writing for the day on time.

Regular Price: $20

She Bold Stock Membership- 1 Month Free

Jasmine Hunt

Get 1 Month Free Access to the She Bold Stock Membership. This only applies to the initial charge. It will be automatically $49/month after the first month. 

Regular Price: $49

How to Prioritize Your Priorities

Emily McHugh

This template will help you decide what is the next best step to take in prioritizing all the things you have to do. It is a logical step-by-step process that helps you put tasks in sequential order. As a bonus you will also get an Overcome Overwhelm Checklist.

Regular Price: $47

Master Your Messaging

Kate Gilbert

Master Your Messaging is a dynamic self-study course designed to transform your communication skills to make your copy as great as your offer. In just a few hours, learn 20+ key concepts to sharpen your messaging, engage audiences, and convey ideas with clarity and impact. You'll apply each technique to your own business on the spot and finish with language ready to use in countless posts, sales pages, and discussions. 

Regular Price: $97

You’d pay over $1000 if you bought each of these bonuses individually. 

But you can get it for just a fraction of that.

Get the VIP All-Access Pass, including $1000+ worth of premium bonuses from our expert speakers for just $197!

(*Or get started with just $66 right now)


When will I get access to everything?

The bonuses listed on this page will be available to you on Apr 9, 2024! As soon as you purchase, you’ll get instant access to your course login. On Day One of the summit, this is where you’ll find coupon codes for each of the individual speaker bonuses. You’ll have until May 15, 2024 at 11:59PM EST to use the coupon codes to claim the bonuses you want!

All presentation videos, transcripts, and podcast audio will be added to your course portal on Apr 9, 2024 at 7am.

How do I access the bonuses?

For each of the bonuses, you’ll get a link and coupon code to use on the speaker’s website. This will allow them to send you the info you’ll need for accessing and making the most out of their contribution.

After logging in to the VIP All-Access Pass, you’ll need to take a few minutes to go through and claim each of the bonuses you want - totally worth it for the $2000+ worth of resources!

Be sure to claim all the bonuses you want by May 15, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. After that, the coupon codes will expire, and we are not able to give extensions.

I saw this listed at a different price. Is this the same thing?

It sure is! We are not able to offer price adjustments after the price has increased.

[FAST ACTION] The Fast Action pricing you see on this page is only available until the countdown hits zero and will not be offered again.

[EARLY BIRD] The Early Bird pricing you see on this page is only available until Apr 8, 2024, and after that the price will go up to $197. 

[FULL PRICE] The VIP All-Access Pass is only available through Apr 15, 2024 at 11:59pm EST, and after that it will not be offered again. 

I already have one or more of the speaker resources. Can I get a discount?

We are not able to offer discounts, but know that you are getting an incredible value, even if you have several of the speaker bonuses already.

The value of the VIP All-Access Pass is over $2000 and even if you only signed up for 2-3 of the speaker bonuses, you’d still be saving compared to buying them at regular price!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the product and the fact that it contains instant downloads and material from multiple businesses, we are not able to offer refunds for any reason. Please look through all the details before you purchase and email with any questions you have!

I have other questions!

No problem! Send an email over to and I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.