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Time is Money: 

Save Hours with Smart Social Media Practices

Kate Gilbert

Save time with these actionable strategies tailored for busy entrepreneurs. Learn how to create and manage content efficiently, alongside practical advice to avoid social media rabbit holes. These down to earth tips will reduce your stress, as well as free up time for the important stuff: your business and your life!


Choose the tips that work best for you and your situation and put them into action!

Shoot Smart:

  1. Set up a mini-studio in a convenient location to enable quick and consistent content creation.
  2. Create “vignettes” around your space that are always ready for shooting.
  3. Take advantage of good hair days by capturing a variety of photos or videos of yourself in one session.
  4. Process Smart:
  5. Batch process your social media content: edit, create, and schedule.
  6. Create and use templates.
  7. Use a social media scheduler to plan out your content publication in advance.

Repurpose Smart:

  1. Convert one piece of content into multiple posts by changing the format or context.
  2. Adapt one video into several shorter clips or different formats for various platforms.
  3. Regularly reuse evergreen content in new contexts.

Scroll Smart:

  1. Set clear intentions before opening social media to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  2. Use tools like post-it reminders, social media blockers, or separate work and personal accounts to stay focused.
  3. Limit social media interaction to designated times or situations to maintain productivity.

Connect and Share:

  1. Tell Kate which tips spoke to you by messaging her on Instagram or LinkedIn
  2. Download the Content Creation Roadmap at for more tips.

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