MTN Presentation Page- Andréa Jones

How to Build a Social Media Content Plan

Andréa jones

                         In this workshop you'll learn:

  1. Common roadblocks to creating share worthy social media content
  2. How to create social media content that speaks the language of your ideal person
  3. Why you should consider posting less content
  4. What to do if you truly don't enjoy creating content for social media (but you know you need to to grow your business).

Digital Brain PowerPack

Take the guesswork out of content creation for good! Your past content has stories, insights, and value that deserves another day in the spotlight. The Digital Brain PowerPack guides you in the tools and methods I use for my done-for-you clients to resurface your content treasures, allowing you to tell richer, deeper stories without the constant pressure of starting from scratch. Your Digital Brain will help you rejuvenate, repackage, and reignite your existing content, making every “new” post, video, sales page, email, and every other piece of content you can think of feel fresh out of the oven.

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