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6 Steps to Profitable Side Hustle from Day 1

Jana Land

The presentation highlights typical mistakes and suggests 6 steps to make side hustle profitable from day 1. 

  1. Market research the right way
  2. Calculate the real price before offering at lower price or for free
  3. Mindset shift from an employee to a business owner
  4. Hourly rates vs packages
  5. Offer presentation matters
  6. Separate your own finances from your business finances

Action Steps:

  • Do the market research the right way
  • Calculate the real price of the offer (the calculator is included in VIP All-Access)
  • Sign up for my freebie to present their offer in an enticing way to stand out amongst competition
  • Separate side hustle finances from personal finances. Decide on the tool to make it happen. An app, their own spreadsheet, accounting software or my product FinEASY.

ProfitHOUR - Hourly rate calculator

Calculate how much you should charge your client per hour and find out your actual hourly rate per project if you charge based on packages. This is an all-inclusive and in-depth hourly rate calculator for a reality check if your hourly rate is calculated correctly. Knowing the real hourly rate can make a difference between a profit or loss at your business.

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