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Never-Ending Content Ideas

Hayley Janzen

Never-ending content ideas is a short masterclass that will help you never worry about what to post on social media ever again. 

Action Steps

Step 1: Download the workbook

Step 2: Search for your soulmate clients/customers and niche hashtags on Instagram, then fill out the bubble chart in the workbook with the appropriate hashtags/keywords (same thing!)

Step 3: Bring those hashtags over to where you will be able to use the special search engine once per day until you have your entire workbook filled out. Don't worry, once you fill out your workbook, you have these content ideas for life!! Note: If you switch niches you will need to go through this process again, so try to stick with one main niche.

Step 4: Treat every content idea and prompt like a question. Answering questions is a lot easier than trying to figure out "what to post!" People want you to help them by answering their questions and solving their problems – this is valuable!

Step 5: Take these content ideas one step further and split them up into the content ideas wheel. Try to answer your new found questions/content ideas in the form of YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, Facebook Group LIVES, Carousels, Guides, etc. You can answer the same questions in different ways.

Step 6: Follow Hayley on Instagram for even more guidance when it comes to converting content creation at

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