Presentation Page- Erin Scott

Don't Get Pitch-Slapped: 

What a Podcast Host Wants You to Know Before You Book Your First - or Next - Podcast Guest Appearance

Erin Scott

3 ways to get visibility for your business; 5 reasons podcast guesting is powerful; Do's and Don'ts; the first thing you need to know when starting your pitch; How to do your podcast research

Action Steps

Extra Credit Assignment: Think of a time you listened to a podcast and were moved to take action; Who was the guest? What was the action you took? (e.g. sign up for email list, make a purchase) Can you listen strategically and reverse engineer their talking points?

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From Unknown to Unforgettable eWorkbook 

The Ultimate Guide to Discovering the Perfect Podcasts to Take You From Beginner to Binge-Worthy. You’ll get insider info from a long-time podcaster who spills the tea on how to find the best podcasts for your niche and make the most out of your podcast guest appearances in this Ultimate Guide.

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