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Email Lists & Email Marketing: 

10 Steps to Building an Online Audience so you’ll Have Someone to Sell to

Crystal Bantel

The presentation outlines a comprehensive strategy for building an email list from scratch as the first step in launching an online business. Focusing on the creation of a "lead magnet funnel," the talk provides a step-by-step guide to attract and nurture potential customers. The key takeaways emphasize the critical role of email marketing over social media for long-term business growth. Action steps at the end challenge the audience to identify their audience's core needs and to use real life market research in the form of polls to choose an effective lead magnet topic to.

Action Steps

Download the free workbook which will help you:

  • List the main transformations you can offer
  • Come up with a few freebie ideas for each transformation
  • Use social media polls to decide on the freebie idea your audience is most attracted to
  • Use Canva to create the freebie

How to Start your Email List, Click by Click (video course)

This is a step by step guide to set up your email list - including thorough instructions for how to set up your email service provider, build your landing page, and automate your nurture email sequence.

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