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Niche on the PROBLEM, Not the PERSON

Carly Jo Bell

You know that saying, "If you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one"? Well, it's true—but NOT in the way you might think. Because instead of needing to 'niche down' to "40-something year old women who have 2 kids and work in corporate," you get to create a niche that allows you to work with EVERYONE who will benefit from your work. By doing so, you'll be even more successful in your business than if you were to follow the audience-focused niching advice that's so pervasive in this online business world. Tune into this training now to build your very own Niche Statement so that you can continue building your budding business with intentionality and simplicity.

Action Steps


  1. What is the result or transformation of your work? (Let this language be messy; it only matters that YOU know what you mean!)
  2. What is the problem that my Right Fit client is facing, that my work helps to solve?
  3. What work do you do to support your person in solving this problem?
  4. What is the outcome or result of your client working with you? (Then double check: how would my Right Fit client say this?)

Who is Your Right Fit Client? is a free training where you will discover the 4 key foundations that make up a Right Fit client so that you can attract and convert this person (& repel the rest!).

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