Banish Burnout PDF Guide

Banish Burnout: For High-Achieving Women

overcoming burnout Is Possible, you do not have to learn to live like this. This Guide Will give you tips on ways to overcome, and prevent, burnout.

with this free pdf guide, you will:

  • Find tips to help you overcome burnout
  • Find tips to help you prevent burnout, or come back from the edge of burnout
  • Feel like you can finally start taking control of your burnout
  • Have a resource that you can come back to over and over again

Tameeka Leon is a Confidence & Goal Success Coach who helps burnt out corporate women and female entrepreneurs release the frustration and overwhelm of not knowing what to do next. She loves empowering women, and being a resource and support for them as they navigate their unique success journey.

She believes that her method is somewhat unique in that it combines the “hit it hard, knock it out of the park” approach to goals, mixed with “I’m listening to my feminine energy and giving my body what it needs” plus a touch of the Law of Attraction.